Kingsford Removalist

Kingsford in general is very popular because of its proximity to beautiful beaches of Sydney. There are many people who are relocating to Kingsford creating an ever-rising demand for removalists in this area. You might come across to many advertised removalist services in
Eastern Suburbs but most of them just consist of false promises and won’t deliver the service you are expecting. Eastern Suburbs Removalist has been around for a long time with enough experience and skill to guarantee you a 100% satisfied relocation. We bring our customers high-quality services at affordable rates, something that hasn’t been done. Contact us today and get book your home move with us.

Whenever you need us, we will be there

Eastern Suburbs Removalist come to you with tailored and customised service that will meet your exact demands and ensure that the move of your office or home is carried on accordingly with the highest quality standards. Our services are quick and productive, with flexible schedules according to your convenience. All furniture, equipment and documents are classified and packaged in order, then be relocated to their corresponding positions within the new location.

Moving your home is not just about transport, it’s about people! You are as individual as your personal move.

If you are not used to moving your home and most people do not, it may seem a bit overwhelming. There is so much to do and never enough time to do it. This is where we come in! Years of experience we have to help you plan your move. We offer complete relocation service, including full packing of your belongings. We transport everything to your new home, and even help you unpack and collect separate furniture at the other end. We move in the traditional way; That’s how it’s done!

For the most demanding moving task we offer our professional and complete package service, where we take care of everything! We pack all your belongings for you. We only use the best packaging materials for transportation. We use highest industry standards in packaging materials; e.g. two-layer professional moving boxes and wardrobe boxes for clamped clothes, specially made corrugated board, acid-free wrapping paper and extra strong bubble plastic to ensure your belongings are protected all the way.

There is no need to use a large truck if you do not have the need. Take advantage of our large fleet of various sized vehicles. Ideal for small removals, we have smaller removalist vehicles that will relocate your belongings anywhere in Kingsford.

Why choose us?

The staff at Eastern Suburbs Removalist aim to provide you with a caring, quality service at affordable rates. We are able to meet your needs with our wide range of latest technology services and highly experienced and competent staff and management. We are part of a large organisation with an ethos of safety and quality removalist service. We welcome feedback to improve our service.

Our reputation for outstanding removalist service, together with a continuous investment in technology and awesome customer service ensures we attract homeowners to work with us. We have helped thousands of families to move their homes all across Eastern Suburbs over the years.