There are many aspects to a successful move and one of them is the proper packaging of your items.

A smooth relocation cannot be expected with a substandard packaging of the items to be moved. Packaging is an important part of the move that must meet the demands of the customers and the transportation conditions. Packaging carries the task of protecting your belongings and should be done in the best quality possible. If you are unsure about the packaging of your valuables for your move, there is no need to worry, Eastern Suburbs Removalist can help you with this very task.

We are not only professional and efficient but also very meticulous and will take care of your items as if they were theirs. We will be there to help you at every stage of your move and make your relocation an experience to remember in the years to come. The safe and efficient packing & unpacking service we provide won’t disappoint you in the slightest.

Packing & Unpacking Services

Packing and unpacking take a lot of time and preparation to nail. Homeowners who haven’t moved before find this part of moving the most difficult. A regular household has just too much stuff to be sorted and packed. If you want to save time and guarantee the safety of your valuables, you should turn to our packing & unpacking services which will be quick and efficient doing the job you hate.

It is also very likely that you don’t have any material for packing your items properly. We are talking about high-quality specific materials made for removalists. Here is what we are using to ensure you a safe relocation:

The packaging must be resistant and of quality, always taking into account the protection of the product against risks such as friction, falls, rain, humidity, mould and even theft. Similarly, it is important to highlight the importance of the filling, whose purpose is to protect the most fragile and delicate objects. This can be in the form of kraft paper, bubble wrap and there are many items among which we can choose to ensure that the load is properly preserved.

Box hire services

Eastern Suburbs Removalist is offering its box hire services – it is in your right to want the best of everything, same when it comes to the moving boxes. Our boxes are of very high quality and you will see the difference yourself.

Cheapest box hire service

Hiring boxes for your home relocation is known to be more economical than buying them. By hiring boxes you might be able to save up to 30% compared to buying. Providing all kinds of high-quality boxes, they are guaranteed to ease your home move substantially.

Buying cheap boxes isn’t a smart solution and will give you more headache than actually helping you. They tend to give up under heavy loads risking damaging your belongings.

Our packing boxes are extra strong and will not disappoint you at any stage of your move. They will not give up and fall apart while being carried and loaded into removalist vehicles.

Materials we use

As the professionals we are, we utilise all of the needed packing material for every relocation task we take on.

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Tape is one of the most used packaging materials in any type of house move. It is often used to seal or strengthen boxes but can also be used for countless purposes. A product as simple as adhesive tape generates a lot of confusion due to the wide variety of types offered by the market. Polypropylene adhesive tape is one of the most used types.

Butchers Paper

Another packing material we use a lot in our daily work. Butchers paper is very resistant and its natural colour is often brown. We utilise this material for packing a variety of items.

Bubble Wrap

The bubble wrap is one of the most used in our day to day business and it carries special importance in protecting various items, the bubbles are filled with air playing the role of shock absorbent.

Shrink Wrap

The shrink wrap is a plastic film that retracts and makes you able to wrap objects by adapting to their shape. It is a unique material because of its strong retracting capacity that makes it easy to set up and protect the objects it contains very well.