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Moving from one state to another to start a new life is a unique experience. However, taking our belongings with us can become a headache. How do I take my furniture? Will they arrive in one piece? How do I plan for an interstate move in the first place? These are some of the questions posed by these people when it comes to planting an interstate move. The one simple answer is hiring a professional service – Eastern Suburbs Removalist will take the responsibility of your interstate move. By taking control of every stage of the move, we will make your relocation one of the best experiences in your life.

Travelling long distance to another state? Not a problem for us

We have a specific way to deal with interstate moves which makes us ready to lead an immaculate removalist service. We begin things with an in-home appraisal and guide you through the moving procedure and think of the most sensible moving arrangement for you. It is a procedure that may take somewhere in the range of 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Long-distance moves require extraordinary care and attention to guarantee everything gets transported in one piece. We use special equipment to strap down all the items and furniture in our vehicles to keep them firm and safe.

Eastern Suburbs Removalist only hires the best drivers who are experienced at driving long-distances and will deliver your belongings safely and timely. Together with our driver will be the removalists who will unload, unpack and set your items in your new home based on your instructions.

Interstate removals at affordable rates

Want to move interstate but not sure if you can afford a removalist service? You won’t have to worry anymore because we are bringing you an affordable interstate service at a fixed rate – we will quote you a stable rate that is very affordable compared to other removalist services around Sydney. Take the opportunity of hiring our expertise in the matter to make your move an experience without surprise factors and without stress. Years of experience and know-how have been put into practice to offer you quality services.

Subcontracting is not something we do when we reach our capacity and we do not employ temporary workers.

Sometimes a move can get complicated or lengthen that is why it is important to have a reliable company so that you are assured that the issues will be resolved quickly and effectively.

There is an increasing demand

Australia keeps growing in population and in the economy, there is more demand for removalists than ever. Accordingly, there are more people moving states and starting a new life – Eastern Suburbs Removalist is offering you the same quality services between states that you’d get for short distance moves. Using our experience and skill-sets, we adhere to all Quality Standards all over Australia.

Deciding what things you want to take to your new destination is a complicated task. Eastern Suburbs Removalist specialists help you with this task, as well as prepare your belongings so that everything arrives in perfect condition. After evaluating the magnitude of the transfer, they will establish the price and the necessary means to make the transfer as economical and as fast as possible.

Once in your new destination, the group also takes care of the unpacking of your objects and the assembly of furniture that was previously disassembled for transport.

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